Part choral narrative, part faux-documentary, part improvised party, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE follows three theatre makers as they build a life together on an abandoned island in the Azores. It explores the ways we balance commitments to family and partner against personal ambition. It grapples with the pleasure, ugliness, and awkward intimacy of collaboration. It irreverently tracks the ways we bind and untangle ourselves, as artists and as friends.

We’ve just completed a workshop of NEXT YEAR PEOPLE with Fusebox Festival in Austin. The bones of the piece are there, but we’re still searching for some of the guts.

Bender / Mars / Reisman is a collaboration between writer/performers Katie Bender, Rachel Mars and Gabrielle Reisman. Bender and Reisman have collaborated together since 2013 as part of Underbelly, which makes immersive journey-plays in the forgotten or invisible parts of the theatre. Underbelly’s work has been commissioned and produced by ZACH Theatre, The Rude Mechs, New Victory LabWorks, and The Orchard Project.